Monday, February 28, 2011

Flying Attack Nuclear Muffin Terrorists

OK! It's Monday, or at least it was.  I consider "Monday" in the retorical sense to be over after 5p.  After that it's Otherness. . .Monday neutral! 

A time between times that can be whatever you need them to be.  Somehow I managed to do my day completely in reverse! I don't know, how or why!

Sometimest the Mondayness just IS. So, here's a link to some reading that might be helpful.  :) 

Yes, it''s what I like to call a "copy/paste" day.  Pretend you called yourself and got your voicemail and turns out you won't be in today :) 

Okay, if that doesn't explain things fully about my day, here's the subject line from a real email I sent earlier today:

"Flying Attack Nuclear Muffin Terrorists"

See! Ok that's enough!

Now the link: 


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ask and Ye Shall Reviever! Wait What Did He Say? Rewind That Please! #radio

Okay, I was just pondering a few days ago on the blog about how i'd like to have the ability to pause, rewind and record live radio like we do tv.  Turns out there's a company just a workin' away on that.  In the back of my mind I thought there had to be.  To me the obvious next question is: Will you have the ability to skip over commercials as on tv? I'm sure there's a way to digitally code things so that they can't be fast forwarded paste, hmm.  Or will the commercials be magically displayed on your windshield.  Ok, that's probably a more than terrible idea.  What about a heads up display like you're a fighter pilot, they could put the commercials there, holographically! And, if you're gonna do that we might as well go ahead an retool the auto manufacturers to design cars like hover crafts.    (weren't we supposed to be traveling exclusively in those by now anyway)  Here's a hovercraft fix if you need it :) 


Certainly, I'm not suggesting eliminate the commercials, by heck, radio is free and therefore the way we have it is by commercials.  That's not any different that a lot of software models in computer world.  The free version has commercials, if you wanna pay you can have commercial free.  I'm a big believer in people being prosperous so maybe there should be both.  Plus you would sell ad space on the heads up display. . .or there could be a person in the hologram wearing clothing with sponsors on them, like in Nascar.  See, there's just an endless aray of possiblities in this new era of techno-space-face-digi-gadget-tweetriffical world. 

from Facebook earlier today:

Just interviewed Michael Robertson about today's launch of his new venture called It's Radio's version of a DVR. Story to follow.


So I guess we'll be watching for info from Radio Ink on  that development, eh?!  I am a bit of a technology nut, no doubt.  However, I am attempting to phase out the microwave from the culinary part of my life. 

"Your Program Has Finished Recording"


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Webinar, Cereal Boxes and Nice Omelet!

Today I attended a webinar by The Conclave - Today's webinar featured Robin Marshall, Rich Van Slyke, Emmett Andrews.  Hey it was good! If you want to keep in touch with the latest in the radio industry this is a great way to do it.  It's also a great way to grow and challenge your skills.  That is, listening to new ideas, techniques, theories, opinions and success stories.  Those of us who've been in a pinch for a fresh new promotional idea, know all too well that some of the best fresh new ideas are. . .recycled :) Yep! Just like that box the cereal was in this morning.  It was somebody else's something else before it was your's.  (I think there's a song in there somewhere, you can have if for free :)  And that may be a great moral of the story.  Giving something away or better yet, helping someone get to where they are going regardless of how you have determined it will affect you.  Often times it's pleasantly suprising how things come together after all.  Kinda like another way to look at the counting chickens before the eggs have hatched.  Maybe if you aren't counting it'll turn out that you have more chickens than you thought you would.  Then later, you can have a nice omlet in place of that same old cereal you were going eat.

You can find information about The Conclave's upcoming webinars at this link:

Have a happy one!



Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now? (On The Air)

The more things change the more they are...eventually less different!
Apple has a patent to incorporate Am/Fm radio into the iphone 5. You can read the technicals here:

What else would you like to have incorporated into your smart phone that isn't already available. "There's an app for that", right? Heck there's probably an app for that fact that there isn't and app for that :)
Seems fitting after all of the adaptations by terrestrial radio that it would find it's way into the latest smart phone craze.

Personally, I'd like to be able to pause live radio like we can tv. That is. . .pause, record, buffer and back up. I'm sure that's on the way. How many times have you missed all of the details of what just happened on the air? I recently found myself reaching for the radio in the car to pause and rewind to catch what I missed. :) Oops. How spoiled!
ok! Time for an afternoon break! Comic relief :)

Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Clear Your Head and Keep Your Brain

Thankfully after a head cold followed by a sinus infection closely trailed by a allergy attack, it's all clear! My head, sinuses and ability to speak like me again.  Whew!

I would like to thank my good friend Kenny who gave me a free box of lozenges about a month ago.  Turned out these would be a life saver over the last week. They didn't taste anything like Lifesavers, trust me.  Never mind the taste they were pretty effective at opening the old head up. If you'd like to learn more about the lozenges click the word lozenges :)

Now along with that line of thinking I am reminded of some culinary changes we've made at our house that subsequently alleviated some sinus challenges I've struggled with while in radio broadcasting and doing voice over work.  Turns out milk is a great big mucus generator if you have any allergic reaction to dairy.  That's right! Maybe you've discovered this already but in case you haven't it might benefit you as well.  So you won't sound as if you're in a well, right?  We decided to eliminate some dairy from my diet to see if that helped my allergies.  It certainly did and the fringe benefit is that it now takes much less time to warm up my voice in the morning.  And by the way, I prefer water for any moistening agent.  Not cold water, just wet water!

To read more about the milk just click the picture  

The moral of the story is: You may have to sell your cow and get a good friend named Kenny!

Happy talking!


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are You Keeping Up With The Changes?

There's no doubt with so many changes in radio ushered in by the explosion of digital media, determining who around the radio station does what is a little challenging.  How are you keeping up with the changes and keeping pace with the demand that you and your staff communicate with your listeners through facebook, twitter, blogging, ect?



ps. interesting read:

The Radio Station: Broadcast, Satellite and Internet By Michael C. Keith