Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now? (On The Air)

The more things change the more they are...eventually less different!
Apple has a patent to incorporate Am/Fm radio into the iphone 5. You can read the technicals here:

What else would you like to have incorporated into your smart phone that isn't already available. "There's an app for that", right? Heck there's probably an app for that fact that there isn't and app for that :)
Seems fitting after all of the adaptations by terrestrial radio that it would find it's way into the latest smart phone craze.

Personally, I'd like to be able to pause live radio like we can tv. That is. . .pause, record, buffer and back up. I'm sure that's on the way. How many times have you missed all of the details of what just happened on the air? I recently found myself reaching for the radio in the car to pause and rewind to catch what I missed. :) Oops. How spoiled!


RyanTaylor said...

How about a thingy that tells you what song is currently playing and for that matter keeps a running list of previous songs... with links to the band's page or whatever. Perhaps this already exists, and if not then this post is (c)ryantaylor 2011

KWJ said...

Hey that does exist! Only thing is, you have to have a radio that can receive and display the data and the radio station in question has to have the technology installed and sending it out. Most do nowadays.

It's still in the early stages but some of the thoughts are to have a button on your radio that you just push and it logs the song and next time you plug in your ipod you can buy and download to it. Probably will be a lot of changes before the dust settles on all of this.