Monday, February 28, 2011

Flying Attack Nuclear Muffin Terrorists

OK! It's Monday, or at least it was.  I consider "Monday" in the retorical sense to be over after 5p.  After that it's Otherness. . .Monday neutral! 

A time between times that can be whatever you need them to be.  Somehow I managed to do my day completely in reverse! I don't know, how or why!

Sometimest the Mondayness just IS. So, here's a link to some reading that might be helpful.  :) 

Yes, it''s what I like to call a "copy/paste" day.  Pretend you called yourself and got your voicemail and turns out you won't be in today :) 

Okay, if that doesn't explain things fully about my day, here's the subject line from a real email I sent earlier today:

"Flying Attack Nuclear Muffin Terrorists"

See! Ok that's enough!

Now the link: 


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