Monday, February 21, 2011

How To Clear Your Head and Keep Your Brain

Thankfully after a head cold followed by a sinus infection closely trailed by a allergy attack, it's all clear! My head, sinuses and ability to speak like me again.  Whew!

I would like to thank my good friend Kenny who gave me a free box of lozenges about a month ago.  Turned out these would be a life saver over the last week. They didn't taste anything like Lifesavers, trust me.  Never mind the taste they were pretty effective at opening the old head up. If you'd like to learn more about the lozenges click the word lozenges :)

Now along with that line of thinking I am reminded of some culinary changes we've made at our house that subsequently alleviated some sinus challenges I've struggled with while in radio broadcasting and doing voice over work.  Turns out milk is a great big mucus generator if you have any allergic reaction to dairy.  That's right! Maybe you've discovered this already but in case you haven't it might benefit you as well.  So you won't sound as if you're in a well, right?  We decided to eliminate some dairy from my diet to see if that helped my allergies.  It certainly did and the fringe benefit is that it now takes much less time to warm up my voice in the morning.  And by the way, I prefer water for any moistening agent.  Not cold water, just wet water!

To read more about the milk just click the picture  

The moral of the story is: You may have to sell your cow and get a good friend named Kenny!

Happy talking!


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