Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tale of the psychological sock! And what was that crashing sound anyway?

So, yesterday as I put on my socks. . .sock number one had a hole in it.  In the toe! Off they go and the offending sock along with it's matched companion were cast aside.  It occurred to me that some people might just wear the sock anyway and go on about their day.  I then wondered if that meant something psycological about the sock wearer and the sock nonwearer.  Probably so, but i'm not a psychologist.  (my wife just said "obviously" :)) This may seem trivial but I seem to be increasingly aware of my specific "particulars" lately.  That is, my particulars that I think are frustration starters and then determining to be motivated by the ones that matter and tossing out the rest. (same place as that sock with the hole.  Yep, big pile of irrelevant goop and socks with holes.  This pile is a great place for other things like: credit card debt, spoiled food from the fridge, that tag you illegally tore from the mattress and whatnot).
Observation: We have a inside Maltese (dog) that is mostly blind.  When you walk by him he almost always senses your presence and moves in a direction.  There's a 50/50 chance that he moves away from you, right? Well maybe.  What actually occurrs is that about 99% of the time he moves his head with tremendous precision perfectly in line with the shin bone of the person walking buy.  50/50? Hmmm.  He can accomplish this from a standing, sitting, laying and scratching position with speed that would draw forth envy from any speed thrill seeker) So the deal is, If I was in control of the laws of this space/time air bubble we live in, I'd make with where that dog always moves in the right direction (which may include not moving at all).  However, i'm not in control of this space place.  So, i'll be putting this in that pile. . .the one with the spoiled stuff from the fridge.
Oh, the crashing sound:
Ha! 52 disc pickup! 50/50 chance man. . .
. . .to the pile!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm Eating Green Cookies! Does That Count?

Ok, I don't seem to have any green clothing.  I like the color.  Just worked out that way.  However, I am eating green cookies. 
Does that count? Heck I hope so! Oh, hey, I'm using green Post It notes too!
Just want to make sure i'm making the cut.  :) Hey my people are from Wales.  Here's a neat website if you want to visit.  Or learn more that would lead to you wanting to visit.
So, Wales celebrates "St. David's Day" on the 1st of March.  Hmmm, doesn't sound quiet the same does it.


 "In medieval times it was believed that St David was the nephew of King Arthur.  It is also said that the patron saint of Ireland, St. Patrick - also born near the present day city of St. Davids -  forsaw the birth of David in approximately 520AD."

Put that on your blarney stone!

Ca a 'n glws ddiwrnod!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elephant Audio Exudes Anger! And the Word of The Day Is. . .

Just wrapped up a voice over for a industrial training video.  In reviewing the final product, I realized that I got to say the words "exude" and "exuded" in consecutive sentences.  At that point it occurred to me that I hadn't used those words in an official production before.  At least I don't remember doing so :)
So, that will be our "word of the day"! Now, I have used the word but I think it was in an argument with someone, heck i don't know.  They probably got really, really mad.  I think if you are arguing with someone and you fling out the word "EXUDE". . .that probably ads fuel to the fire.  Just seems that it might.  I mean, outside of a technical explanation, using the word "exude" in an argument is probably going to be preceded by:
and follow up with:
"the visual ramifications of the south end of a northbound elephant" or
"a level of stupidity that rivals even the most imbecilic creatures on the earth and beyond"
. . . and so forth. Indoor voices please!


verb \ig-ˈzüd\

Definition of EXUDE

: to ooze out
: to undergo diffusion

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blue Wireless Tooth Invisible Wave Space Voice Thingy!

I love the new technology that is constantly emerging and being adapted to all kinds of applications.  JK Audio has a new gidget called the "Bluekeeper" that uses bluetooth technology to sync up with your cell phone for taking calls (interviews) in broadcast applications.  We got this for our studio in order to be completely mobile yet functional.  I've used it a few times now with my iphone and it works pretty impressively.  There are multiple options for hooking it up both pro and non, and various ways to pipe other content into the call conversation when needed.  For the money, i'm pleased as punch.  (note: That is the first time i've ever used the phrase: "pleased as punch).  Probably from watching all of those British couples on House Hunters Int. looking for their new home in Italy and France.  Hmmm.  . .since we are completely mobile. . .well now that's a thought.

Read the tech. specs on the Bluekeeper here:


Brittany, France seems neato:


Monday, March 14, 2011

Do you feel taller sometimes sometimes?


I was walking around earlier and I felt taller and I was curious if there is less gravity in some places...

Turns out there is?

Sometimes I feel shorter too. That's obvious I guess, cause I wouldn't feel taller unless I felt shorter sometimes. Right?

Nap Time?


This is going to cut into productivity! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Facebook Fuel or Twitter In Your Tank?

Now we have wifi all over the house and can watch movies from the wacky world web these new developments are pretty exciting. Facebook is now gonna give the ole moving picture a wirl. (see link at bottom)
Seems like it might be pretty hard to beat the Netflix deal. Works well for us. However, If ya just have to have the new releases immediately guess that's another story. :). Any way we could get the movie folk to work on a fuel for cars? Wait, Facebook Fuel! Twitter In Your Tank" Ah heck that's crazy...or is it?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Any audio cable organizing suggestions welcomed!

My wife would classify me as border OCD. Maybe I'm a closet disorganizationist in reality! Heeeeeeelp!

I am humbled by my own enjumblement! Yeah that's probably not a word is it?! I am terrible at scrabble too. :)

Time For A New Job?

Ad campaign several years ago for a German job site!