Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Blue Wireless Tooth Invisible Wave Space Voice Thingy!

I love the new technology that is constantly emerging and being adapted to all kinds of applications.  JK Audio has a new gidget called the "Bluekeeper" that uses bluetooth technology to sync up with your cell phone for taking calls (interviews) in broadcast applications.  We got this for our studio in order to be completely mobile yet functional.  I've used it a few times now with my iphone and it works pretty impressively.  There are multiple options for hooking it up both pro and non, and various ways to pipe other content into the call conversation when needed.  For the money, i'm pleased as punch.  (note: That is the first time i've ever used the phrase: "pleased as punch).  Probably from watching all of those British couples on House Hunters Int. looking for their new home in Italy and France.  Hmmm.  . .since we are completely mobile. . .well now that's a thought.

Read the tech. specs on the Bluekeeper here:



Brittany, France seems neato:


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