Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elephant Audio Exudes Anger! And the Word of The Day Is. . .

Just wrapped up a voice over for a industrial training video.  In reviewing the final product, I realized that I got to say the words "exude" and "exuded" in consecutive sentences.  At that point it occurred to me that I hadn't used those words in an official production before.  At least I don't remember doing so :)
So, that will be our "word of the day"! Now, I have used the word but I think it was in an argument with someone, heck i don't know.  They probably got really, really mad.  I think if you are arguing with someone and you fling out the word "EXUDE". . .that probably ads fuel to the fire.  Just seems that it might.  I mean, outside of a technical explanation, using the word "exude" in an argument is probably going to be preceded by:
and follow up with:
"the visual ramifications of the south end of a northbound elephant" or
"a level of stupidity that rivals even the most imbecilic creatures on the earth and beyond"
. . . and so forth. Indoor voices please!


verb \ig-ˈzüd\

Definition of EXUDE

: to ooze out
: to undergo diffusion

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