Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ambidextrous Mouse and cat! The cat isn't ambidextrous, just there. . .present. . .accounted for! Curiously!

Well, we are doing this new way of eating that involves eating lots of fresh things.  Fruits, vegatables, nuts, ect.  So, I find that eating and working are beginning to intersect.  I had the thought earlier that if I had a left handed mouse (computer) that I could eat and work simultaneously.  I obviously eat mostly right handed.  I observed that constantly stopping to use the napkin was impacting my productivity. However, I'm pretty sure there would be a learning curve to using a left handed mouse and after rethinking this out loud it seems a little silly to buy another mouse just for that purpose. 

And that's the mouse! Since, i make a living with my voice someone remind me to NOT yell at the cat who is streaking through the house with our small dog in a headlock!  It happens.  See spot run. . .awkwardly attached to a large cat. . .as the story goes?

Oh, the food we are eating. . .if you are interested go here:

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