Wednesday, May 4, 2011

An Apple On A Plate Of Apples!

I was cutting up my apple this morning on what happended to be a plate with pictures of apples on it.  I pondered whether or not that was wrong like punishing a child in front of his peers is extra punishment maybe even cruel. (depending on the punishment).  That really isn't the point.  The apple! The apple isn't the point.  I did think that Bin Laden being deep in Pakistan was a little like an apple on a plate of apples.  Pretty unlikely they didn't know he was there.  I think most would agree at the end of the day that our (US)  relationship with Pakistan is and always was a bit of a "wink, wink" situation in order to maintain some cross nation uber delicate diplomatic vacuum.  At the same time, the way Bin Laden was extracted from their country was a little like the apple I cut up on the plate this morning.  Their plate and maybe their apple? Nonetheless, our knife on our schedule with exact precision, sans the sick helicopter which reminds me that my iphone has been acting up lately. (apple, ha)  It indicates that we can arise at any time of the night and have apple whenever, whereever and however we like.  (we are still a superpower, right?) Not just because but for a just cause, indeed, or so I would certainly hope.
And so it is with life and the decisions we make.  Sometimes people determine what, when and where but most often the plate, apple, knife and timing is ours no matter how much we want to deny our orchestration of the plate making, apple growing and knife weilding.  I think what I am getting at is that excuses are useless and nobody owes us anything and that opportunity is freely given down a vast array of avenues for our particular brand of creativity.  There are pears, peaches, grapes and a sundry of other things that we might want to take a stab at on our plate of appl. . .or maybe oranges.
Tomorrow I think I will start the day with a dehydrated apricot!

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